• Stacey W.

I'm Done Letting Go

And here is why...


She Let Go

I've read She Let Go many many many times over the last couple of years. It struck a cord in me the first time I read it so I saved it and went back to it often. Then it hit me one day. I had just let go. Whoa!!

What was it that I was feeling? What did it mean? What had I done? Where do I go from here? Stop.

I'm happy. This is what it feels like. A sense of peace and calm surrounded me. I didn't feel stressed about anything. Nothing at all. And it was a Sunday evening when I usually begin thinking about work, getting up in the morning, my to-do list for the week and each day of the week, the kiddos, and whatever else I happen to stress about.

Happiness. Something I have been seeking for a very long most of my life. True happiness and then there it was all along inside myself. I had finally let go.

I crossed paths with the blue heron a lot last spring and summer. One of my animal totems. They teach balance; the ability to progress and evolve...walk deeper into waters without fear. Yes Yes Yes!!! So much Yes in this!!!

I am standing on my own two feet. I am independent and self-reliant. The Earth and I are connected and I know this. I am ready.

I am ready to embrace. Embrace everything that life has to offer. Embrace my fears. Embrace my happiness. Embrace my heart. Fully open my heart to what is inside. What it has to offer. And believe me, it has A LOT to offer. I am ready to embrace my own story and to share it with you. My story does not define me. I am not my story. I am who I am because of my story.

I am done letting go!

And so it begins...


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